Rise And Shine With Email Subject Lines!

Rise And Shine With Email Subject Lines!

Believe it or not, but email subject lines can be very intriguing for a person, whether to open it or delete it. Email marketing plays a vital role in digital marketing and so, the subject line should be so enticing that it should urge the person to read your email at least once before deleting. For this, it is very important to write a catchy subject line so that your aim of getting the email read is fulfilled.

Short And Sweet:

Try and keep the email subject line short and precise. When the email subject line is too long, people tend to not open it thinking it to be spam. It’s not about keeping short but your email line should be precise. When a person throws a glance at your subject, he should understand what your email is all about. And if you don’t want to reveal then at least create a hype so that it urges him/her to open.

Stand By Your Words:

Your email subject line reflects your work and brand and hence try to avoid making any false promises. Several times, people highlight discounts or sales which urges a person to open the mail, but soon realizes that it was a scam. So, be true to yourself and your client too.

Words That Creates A Rapport:

While shooting an email to your privileged customers, try and use subject lines that will make them feel special. This practice helps in creating a rapport and also builds a relation of credibility and trust. They will know that you really care!

Spam Test:

While sending emails, research and use keywords that do not trigger spam. ‘From home’, ‘claim’, ‘collect’, ‘clearance’, etc. are few words that trigger spam. You can find a list of spam words on Google and so, make sure that you don’t use such words which lands your email in the spam folder as it can hamper the bonding with your client.


While you are shooting an email, create a sense of urgency because that will provoke your client to open the mail. This urgency can be in the form of sale, new launch, etc., but it should urge him to open the mail.


A very important aspect in email subject lines because as we have said above, your email subject line is like a brief of your email. Try and send email at the right time and thus mention the same to the client. For example: if a person’s subscription is getting over then it is very necessary to inform him. Most importantly, it is necessary to mention that in the email subject line.

Caps Lock:

Don’t ever write subject in caps lock because it becomes too loud or gaudy for a person. Not only caps lock, but also try avoiding exclamation marks and other symbols because people won’t take your email seriously.

These are few tips, but these concepts might differ from person to person, company to company. Your content is your knack and that should shine and urge people to open your Email!

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