Digital Marketer And Their Struggles!

Digital Marketer And Their Struggles!

Many people feel that, digital marketing is a cakewalk. They have a misconception that spending time on the internet and Facebook is effortless as everybody is well-versed with it! However, there are so many layers of efforts that goes through digital marketing. The most important aspect of digital marketing is, that you have to keep yourself updated. The new ideas keep flooding in the market and it’s important to keep up with it. There are few challenges that these digital marketers face and we as commoners never realize.

No Facebook Shares Or No Tweets:

When a marketer burns his/her brain to come up with an interesting post or tweet and unfortunately it doesn’t reach the masses, then it becomes very disheartening. Albeit the efforts he/she has put in, the post remains inconspicuous which is truly frustrating.

Misunderstanding About Retargeting:

Several times digital marketers try to please the audience by retargeting. In retargeting, you flash your ad again and again to a visitor which he/she had visited before. When this procedure kick starts, sometimes the visitor might feel that he’s been stalked. Thus making the relation between the seller and consumer a bit awkward.

Failure Of SEO:

Digital marketers are well aware of SEO and hence they make sure to abide by the protocol of SEO. However, several times, SEO might fail because of new updates, and hence leading to problems like losing the page rank, receiving random traffic, etc. Whatsoever, SEO tools the marketer might have used, still things don’t happen as planned.

Balancing With Marketing Tools:

Marketers have to keep a constant touch with various marketing tools, then be it analytics or content ideas. Some of these tools are not easy on the pocket and therefore it is the marketer’s job to convince his boss and the clients to buy these tools.

Staying Up With The Technology:

Marketers have to constantly stay in touch with the technology. When new apps are launched they have to keep a track that how these apps will benefit? Furthermore, they have to convince the same to the client.

In Good Terms With Developer And Designers:

This is very important for a digital marketer because he will drive traffic, but if the bounce rate is high then definitely there is a problem with the designing of the website. This problem can be solved by a designer. Also, there are many programs running in the background of the website which can be handled by a developer and very necessary if you don’t wish to crash your client’s website!

The digital marketer definitely has to undertake these Herculean challenges, but if you are passionate about your job, then you can undertake anything and everything in a jiffy. So, be ready to give your best to excel in your field!

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