Myths About Social Media Marketing!

Myths About Social Media Marketing!

Isn’t this question cliché – what is social media marketing? But many people think, that by posting few pictures on Facebook or by tweeting and retweeting on twitter, you are done with it. It does not end here! Social media marketing is a complete package wherein a brand is thoroughly monitored and promoted likewise. It’s not just about status, retweets alone, but there are tools wherein you have to research your audience and put up a strong and relevant content accordingly. There are many myths that people have about social media marketing and let’s have a look:

  1. Only Facebook is fruitful: having an account or page on Facebook is not enough, because there are various other platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest which can help you evolve with your business. They all are unique in their own way and have their own audience, so they can help you abundantly to grow!
  2. Social Media is free: creating an account / page is definitely free, but you wish to have better result than you should go for a paid advertising. Leave about monetary discussion, but spending your precious time, knowledge, and efforts are also not free. You have to invest them for better output, so people should stop making assumptions that social media is free!
  3. Avoid negative feedback: several times, people feel that you should ignore negative comments, but that shouldn’t be the case. Whatsoever the comments be – negative or positive try and Analyse them and most importantly answer them. Be calm and patient and answer them fast with finesse.
  4. Content marketing and social media marketing are different: though these are two different entities altogether, but they go hand-in-hand. The stronger and attractive your content, the more traffic you will be able to attract! Likewise, social media will be able to spread awareness about your content!
  5. Too much content will give away secrets: this is a common myth, a detailed content can never give away your secret. In fact, the more detailed content the more information you are giving away to your probable clientele. Sometimes, try and write content that is other than your business too, because that will help you in reaching a global audience too.

Therefore, while undertaking your social media strategy, undertake a proper research about your target audiences and keep these points in mind!

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