Spot The Spoilsport In Your Digital Marketing Strategy!

Spot The Spoilsport In Your Digital Marketing Strategy!

We all know that there is a boom of digital marketing. Every business big or small are making a point to add digital marketing in their marketing strategy. However, sometimes digital marketing strategy might fail. So, when you are putting all your hard earned money in digital marketing, it is very important that your agency gives its 100% to make it a hit. But it may fail and following are the steps which can help you guess that your digital agency is giving you poor output.

  • The designs and creativity are a passé: when your design is not luring your audience, then for sure your website design is definitely lacking somewhere. Many agencies also fail to give a new look to your portfolio. The templates that are used are outdated or are identical with other websites. If an agency is using these elements as its USP to gain audience, then definitely it’s a poor agency which you should not opt for!
  • No transparency: some agencies take their clientele for granted and hence when they are questioned about the know-how of proceedings, they turn a deaf ear or reveal very minute details. Not only this, they feel that their clients are ignorant about some terms of digital marketing like keywords, backlinks and so they give away very mere information on the strategy. When all these terms come under one roof, then it’s a warning that the agency is definitely poor.
  • Use of traditional marketing styles: many agencies still make use of traditional marketing strategies like radio and television and treat digital marketing as an add-on and not an independent entity. Not only this, but these agencies also make use of spam software for promotion which are designed by unreliable sources. Some agencies do not want to upgrade their skills too. They are either limited to SEO or some social media campaigning and this is when you should guess that this is not what you were looking for!
  • Unreal assurances: There are many more assurances that digital agencies give the client, but they fail miserably because they lack creativity and knowledge. Sometimes, they also promise Google Page Rank and followers on social media platforms. However, you have to give a thought that are these followers genuine because many a times they are inorganic and hence become spam! These followers might help you grow, but they can have limited goals too.

So, before hiring any digital marketing agency, give a thought to these points too! They might help you to guess whether you are in the right hands or not!

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