Why SMO is Important for Digital Marketing?

Why SMO is Important for Digital Marketing?

Most of the people related to digital marketing industry believes that SEO is the key for market your products or brands. But how much time you invest in the development of SMO?

While it is also very important, in recent scenario it is seen that SMO is getting more crucial when marketing your products or brands.

Difference Between SEO and SMO

Difference between SEO & SMO:

Before starting first we need to know the difference between SEO & SMO.

For online marketing the most important thing is visibility & raising awareness. Generally people find your business online in various ways like: i) your products comes up top in the search results. ii) There is a link of your website from other website. iii) They already know about your business & go looking for you.

SEO is a set of strategies with a long term aim for bringing more people to the website by improving the search rankings. SMO which can be a part of SEO, contributes all the above three ways people find you online.

smo work

How SMO Work?

SMO or social media optimization is all about the social networks & using them to promote business or products. It has to do with carving out a presence & reputation of your business through different social media like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, blogs or forums.

Working with SMO can help to strengthen your brand & boost the visibility of your products which in turns helps you to get new clients for your business & increase sales. But the most important thing is that as there are lots of noise in the internet world so you have to cut the noise & reach to the target audience for better result. Another vital point should keep in mind that the SMO strategy needs personal touch as to give your organization personality in a way that resonates with your target community.

dont do it

What shouldn’t do?

Social media is all about having conversations & building community. That’s why indiscriminate links scattered in different social media is annoying. Also lack of personal touch may result you unfollow in social networks which directly affect your brand authority.


What should do?

SMO is based on the two words: engagement & participation.

Engagement is all about the connecting with your fans & followers. It is about to building the relation with the community of vested members who will respond to & share your social media content for its high quality, relevant content etc.

Participation is all about actively taking part in discussions & responding directly & personally to the followers.

Why SMO is More Important:

SMO  SMO activity not directly related for calculating the google ranking. But it indirectly helps to get better rank in google. The content you are sharing in social media should be relevant, authoritative & ofcourse sharable. The most your content shared in social media, the higher the Hummingbird algorithm values its perceived quality & the better you will rank in google.

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