It takes Two to Tango -Content Marketing and SEO

It takes Two to Tango -Content Marketing and SEO

There has been a divided thought process going on that SEO and Content Marketing are totally different. This has been creating confusion in the minds of many people.  But many marketer have realised and has even mentioned in their posts on the internet that, SEO and Content Marketing goes together. They are not separate, true that there is some disconnect between them, but there are ways to connect both the marketing efforts to get the maximum ROI.


How SEO and Content Marketing are different?

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We all know that B2B and B2C initialize their research by searching online. So it is crucial that your content reaches to the right audience for which it has been created. Simply writing content and posting it any way will fail you in reaching to the right people or the target audience.

For this purpose, SEO comes to the rescue. With SEO technology and Content marketing working together, can make content reach to the right people at right time in right form. It is the fusion of technology and creativity. SEO will perform as distributor and optimize the creatively created content for marketing.

The access to content stays for a very long time in comparison to other campaigns or ads. We can say that it is effective for a long period of time and is not with short span of life. In order to ensure that the purpose is met, SEO techniques are applied to optimize the content and it reaches to the right audience.

Content Marketing is implemented by most of the businesses nowadays, large volumes of content is created, used and spread. For this reason, Content Management is very important for managing content effectively and checking its alignment with business goals. SEO plays a very important role in measuring the effectiveness of the content published and continuously monitors how the content is performing. It gives all the necessary results of that monitoring.

Based on the results from the monitoring of the content performance, content needs to be optimized for the search engines, which ensures high visibility resulting in increased revenue generation. It also pins the effective content across all channels like social media sites, blogs, emails, audio and video, mobile sites etc. of digital space.

Thus we can say that SEO is the distributor of the content and Content Management is the bridge between the two. This all happens through technology.

Summarising how SEO and Content work hand in hand in order to have high ROI,

  • SEO provides keys for content creation based on quality and visibility demands
  • SEO enables distribution of the content such that it reaches to right audience during research
  • Monitors performance and gives measures to improve on content and channels.

Hence Content Marketing with SEO techniques is very crucial and is considered in the digital marketing strategies by most of the business, infact ignoring it may lead to a bad fall.

Yodigi – digital marketing services, takes care of optimizing your content with SEO techniques which will ensure your high visibility, reach, high ROI and increased sales. In the age of digital revolution understanding such fine relationships as between content and SEO is very important as perfect understanding results in concentrated and effective results.

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