Brand Communication in Digital Age

Brand Communication in Digital Age

How it is different today than yesterday?

It is the first and foremost question that will arise in our mind……


Today, marketers have new and innovative marketing approaches in the digital revolution. The approaches are smart and mobile. It is because the ways the consumers shop, research and decide has changed. Today’s prospects (consumers/targets) are smarter and does not believe in whatever you say as it is. They have become conscious and well aware. Thus, at this stage it is very important to realise that fundamentals of marketing and advertising never change. When the consumers are being exploded with numerous similar products and respective advertising though digital channels, there is a scenario of extreme noise and confusion in their mind. So to build a brand and position it is extremely crucial and challenging in the digital era and over communicated society.

Get connected to the roots of advertising. The fundamental principle of advertising is to create an emotional connection between a brand and consumers. Brand is built when there is a trust between the product and consumers. So to gain trust, humanize advertising. How it will be human? It will be if the communication is transparent, collaborative and caring. It should balance worth and competence. Which in return will earn the relationship! True emotional engagement makes your brand matter more and put it on the top of the mind of people. After all, it is not only important how best your product is but also how you position it in the mind of consumers. In the age of smart phones, the consumers find many advertisings as interrupting and annoying, which marketers are using for automation and efficiency. Even though the quantum of marketing and advertising has increased substantially, the question still remains that is right things getting conveyed to the consumers? Is it touching the consumers? Hence to get the positive results and to position your brand on the top of the mind, use approaches which are contextual and dynamic based on their emotions. The intangible attributes of the brand should be communicated based on emotions. The digitisation can be used creatively to have an effective communication with consumers instead of making loud noises to seek attention.

Not only exposure of the consumers to your company matters but also their experience about your brand and interactions. Interaction means: your logo view, your website, talking with customer service personnel, visiting your Facebook store, reading blogs posted on your sites, other client’s testimonials etc. Everything should have a ‘feel’. Why these interaction matters? Because, they happen in real time. They decide the future of your brand. Your brand can reach the top or can completely loose out faith by a viral video or a social media post or by an online review over a night.

Because of personal nature of Smart phones, marketers have the opportunity to engage genuinely well with the prospects and connect on emotional level. This will help you, by customers keep coming back. Thus tools may have changed but motto of marketing and branding remains the same.

While embracing the new trends of technologies it is important to keep in mind the human element of the digital marketing. Emotional Connection can earn the relationship with the consumers. Emotions sells – By sparking those sentiments effectively with digital channels.

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