Way to Increase Your Ranking Via Website Analysis

Way to Increase Your Ranking Via Website Analysis

No digital marketing campaign can be successful without a well-structured SEO operation. As digital marketing professionals, you understand how important an SEO campaign matters to a website’s natural rankings in search engine result. As part of your SEO methodology, you will have to consider various aspects, one of them being website analysis.

Website analysis is a tool which reveals how exactly your SEO strategy is working and analyze the areas which need improvement and rework on. Website analysis highlights information such as, the numbers of visitors who visit your site, the percentage of visitors who come from external sources such as inbound links, search engine, etc, the total amount of visitors and where exactly your page ranks in the search engine results with the keywords for your site. Armed with this information you will be able to set a standard in your campaign to assess what is working and which areas need improvement.

So how exactly do you improve or increase your ranking via website analysis. Here are some ways that will guide you on the same.

Increase interactivity and engagement – The more people engage with your website, the higher the chances of better ranking on search engines. For this you will need to make sure that the bounce rate which is a percentage of visitors who exit your website without visiting the next page, of a website is not more than fifty percent. To ensure that your bounce rate remains low, design your navigation bar on every page so that visitors can access different pages without having to use the back button or return to the homepage every time.

Including links to your website pages, such as hyperlinking or using call to action button also helps. Search engines have a task of providing high quality and credible results for their users and a higher bounce rate will mean that search engines will reduce a webpage ranking.

Improving your referral traffic – Along with search engines, potential customers can also source your website through direct and referral traffic. Direct traffic are those visitors who type your website directly in the address bar, they may have heard of your website through advertisements or word of mouth. Now referral traffic are those visitors who chance by your website by clicking a link while visiting another website and remember these are not the same as search engine link post.

To improve your referral traffic, maintain a high engagement on social media, posting regularly with links to relevant blog post and website pages, also reaching you to business associates who could include links in their content to your website.

Analysing progressions and trends – Another important step in your website review, is to make sure that you are aware of the website statistics on the number of visitors over a larger period. Is your chart showcasing an upward trend or spiralling downward or is it simply flat? If it is sliding down it is an indication that your competitors have a better and more aggressive marketing strategy than yours and if it is flat, it means you need to implement new strategies in your digital campaign. While it is not easy to understand these trends right away, a more perceptive approach to website analysis can enhance your website ranking.

What with the competitive stakes getting higher, it is difficult to score better website rankings. While the above factors are measures to enhance your website ranking, there are many other factors that will determine, such as the methods and tools that are necessary. Therefore, it becomes essential to seek website audit tools and technology to assist you with a free website analysis and improve your website rankings.


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