Up Your Digital Marketing Game With an Effective Email Marketing Campaign

Up Your Digital Marketing Game With an Effective Email Marketing Campaign

What was once known as the conventional mode of marketing, email marketing is today not considered as the most sought after in marketing campaigns, though nevertheless it does remain central and is still impactful for your brand’s communication strategy? As advanced forms of digital marketing keep emerging, older forms keep getting sidelined but with newer forms of technology being explored, the ‘art of emailing’ is becoming more interesting and engaging and as many believe it is becoming a more desirable of marketing campaigns.

Start your email marketing campaign

Email marketing is experiencing something of a revival and this makes it an integral part of your digital marketing strategy. So, first things first, is to get the ground ready for your email marketing campaign. The idea is to follow through some of these key factors and understand how these can impact your business.

  • Know your audience – Whatever your line of business, it is always important to understand who your audience is, to effectively communicate with them. Understanding who your brand targets to is an important job, so that you can effectively customize these emails as per their interests and buying patterns.
  • Classifying your audience – Understanding your audience better, will ultimately help you in classifying them into groups and segments, to create a more focused marketing strategy. Creating an email group is an efficient way to organize your categories under a single mailing account so that you can send campaigns that are specific to them.
  • Content creation – Once you have sorted out who you are writing to, then what becomes essential. Your emails should reflect the purpose and really communicate with your audience. It is a good idea to work on some content templates which you can include in your campaigns, such as upcoming events, recaps, and photos from previous events, post from social media platforms, news coverage, details about featured or new products, holiday shopping guides, etc
  • Setting the frequency – While there is no dictate on the number of times you should send out an email, the general advice is that refrain from sending it too often, as it is likely to get them disinterested and unsubscribe altogether.  The ideal frequency would be to send out emails monthly, to keep them engaged and clued in. Also, the frequency and plan you devise will need to factor in special events and holidays.

Choose the right email service provider

Next in line, would be to choose the right email provider. This is extremely crucial for an effective marketing campaign, as only the perfect provider would optimize your business. Once your marketing goals have been established, it is time to evaluate the kind of features that a service provider offers along with allowing for customizations. These are the 4 top most features in any email service provider.

  • Design – It is highly important that your email service provider assists you in creating simple, elegant emails with providing a good stock of designs, layouts as well as mobile responsive templates.
  • Tracking – The point of your entire email marketing campaign is to ensure that every aspect runs like a well-oiled machine, so make sure that your service provider offers a consolidated dashboard with all the statistics such as open rates, clicks, bounces, unsubscribes and social sharing.
  • Automation – Solid workflow is yet another element which you require from a service provider. This helps you schedule and send automated messages, to the right people and at the required time.
  • Mobility – Your email campaign, must be optimized to work across devices and client preferences. Mobile devices account for more than 50% in email marketing campaigns, So, make sure that your service provider offers you the necessary mobile integrations, and you do not miss out on conversations and sales.


An effective email marketing remains a principal element of your online marketing strategy. While you may have an efficient team and all the marketing intel on board, it helps a great deal to infuse some technological assistance into your campaign. Today a lot of digital marketers and professionals have come to rely on Mail Chimp, which is the world’s largest marketing automation platform. Mail Chimp has transitioned many an email campaigns with finding the right audience, engaging customers and empowering the online reputation of many a brand. Simultaneously, the Hemingway app is yet another powerful tool that you will need in your arsenal. As content remains an integral part of your campaign, the Hemingway app helps you build better emails by rendering your content with clarity and power by highlighting adverbs, passive voice and dull and complicated words, in shortcutting the dead weight from your writing.


Whatever the size of your establishment, it is essential that you craft an effective email marketing campaign, if you want to stay relevant and focussed in the extremely competitive digital marketing landscape that has penetrated every sphere of business as we know it. More Effective Campaign.



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