Skills a Digital Marketing Professional Needs To Succeed

Skills a Digital Marketing Professional Needs To Succeed

Digital marketing around the globe seems to be having a moment. Open any tech, marketing, eCommerce magazine, blog, article or video and you are sure to come across the term ‘digital marketing’ peppered liberally. Entrepreneurs the world over are in conjunction with the reality that a majority of consumers and businesses are online, which makes it necessary that a huge part of their marketing strategy should be digital. The last few years are a witness to the fact that the impact of digital marketing is huge, especially if you want to successfully target the right audience segment. Those in the know claim that as per the current market trend, the digital marketing industry is at its zenith and is here to stay. This is an industry which provides a uniform opportunity to all who wish to be part of it, However, it is also essential that any digital marketing professional needs to ace on a number of skills to remain ahead of the game and succeed.

While most tend to believe that marketing is an art, an innate ability, it is but a science in reality. Companies and businesses need to handle multiple social networks, content and other marketing channels at large. What was once a direct sales tunnel is becoming more of a marketing matrix and we need to rely on technology to make sense of a complicated buying process and journey. Adapting to smart and intelligent marketing is the path to a more powerful marketing strategy. It is all about knowing, engaging and personalising, with and for your intended target audience. Digital marketing professionals need to upgrade and scale to the evolving technology and master the necessary skills and techniques that are required. What with the digital jargon filled with terms such ‘Marketing automation’, ‘Artificial Intelligence’ and many more it can seem daunting, but there are various emerging trends, tools and techniques which will assist you in emerging ahead of the competition. So here is a line-up of specific skills and proficiencies that are relevant.

SEO – Search Engine Optimizations have evolved tremendously, more than what we have been able to grasp. The last few years have witnessed many ideologies and speculations about SEO, which is why it is necessary to sift the truth from the distortion. Unfortunately, there is neither a set formula, nor a code, nor tricks or tips that you can use for your website to get on top of the results chain. As this is a continually evolving industry, there is no perfect recipe for these SEO processes that change every day. All you need to do is reinforce your strategies accordingly and following SEO best practices that will let you stay ahead in search engine rankings and improve the user experience of your website.

There are upgrades and plug ins available which help with internal linking and this adds a richness to your articles and blogs, then there are tools like Google Trends which locate and compare different terminologies and identify what users search on more often. Simultaneously, installing software will also improve the performance of your website and ranking on search engines.

Adwords – Yet another productive offering from Google is Adwords, which is an online advertising program and extremely beneficial to digital marketers for creating online ads to specifically target people who are interested in the products and services that you offer. Right from driving traffic to the landing page of your website, announcing the latest in products, to promotions and sales you can use Adwords in several ways. Next you need to understand how to pin down the keywords that you want to use in your Adwords campaign. What helps here is putting yourself in your customer’s shoes, thinking about the search terms or phrases that they will enter to learn about a product such as yours. Here again there are several tools to assist you in your findings for search volume, trends and related keywords such as Google Trends, Google Keyword Planner, Google Corelate.

You can also plan and choose how closely related the search queries results should yield when you choose the keywords for your Adwords. So, you can base your keywords on broad matches, phrase matches, or exact matches, and where the range of the reach will be from most number of users to least number of users but most specific targets. It is extremely crucial for digital marketing professionals to understand the use of Google Adwords for more creativity, analyzing trends and results and optimizing campaigns.

Analytics – Among the many others that require analytics for all manner of information, digital marketing also encourages the practice of analytics. Email campaigns, coupon codes, web visits, there are multiple opportunities for organizations big or small to utilize data. As an organization and a professional if you have the skill and expertise to leverage predictive analysis, businesses can be more sharp, competitive and will be able to respond more efficiently to the rapidly evolving landscape in terms of fulfilling their customer’s expectation. Digital marketing pros need to realize that the website is the cornerstone of their business. Gone are the days when customers used website just for contact information, and find their relevance with product inquiries, conversations with other users and even to gather information of relevant content. This makes corporate websites a storehouse of data and a highly significant digital marketing tool and help build on data analysis.

Email marketing – There are some things that can only get better with time and email marketing is one of them. Emails happen to be the most preferred mode of communication with customers and will continue the trend moving forward as well. With brands looking at developing new and challenging ways to navigate their marketing strategy, email marketing is bound to witness certain interesting and new flavors that digital professionals should be aware of.

  • Get personalized – Agreed, it is nothing new, but with 2018 it will take on a much deeper meaning. While customizing subject lines has been around, it is list segmentation that will soon be the trend and greatly enhance your personalization game as you can trace a pattern for your users based on demographics, interests and other informative data. With these details on hand, your organization can send information to customers that relevant to their interests, greatly increasing the chances that your message will be read.
  • Get interactive – Interactivity is yet another method that digital marketers should include in their email marketing strategy. With emails being more interactive, users can place orders quicker, marketers can gather data better and the purchase pipeline can shorten considerably. Your email marketing game plan should further assist clients to customize orders, add items to shopping cart and furnish an overall improved experience, without missing on the original email message. With emerging technologies such as Chatbots, data can be incorporated from the email to the website and further increase the level of overall interactivity.
  • Get visual – Moving along with the lines of interactivities, marketers will need to focus on including new assets, tools and techniques in their email messages. GIF’s, HTML and videos are a great way to keep email messages interactive and recipients engaged. Along with this, email services are likely to undergo major changes and updates from service providers on how emails are rendered will qualify email marketers and designers to get more inventive with the messages they send.

SMO –  Another important asset that digital professionals should develop is the power of social media optimization. This is a great merger between SEO and social media. What with the entire world existing in the virtual world, you will have to manage the twin aspects of online visibility and customer interaction, and this is what SMO helps achieve. With effective incorporation, social media can prove to be a great asset for improving your website’s organic search results. As you get connected with people through various online sources you can go beyond the reach of your business and improve the opportunities for people to associate with your business. The power of social media optimization helps brings a cohesive and uniformly branded network that connect all your social media accounts and directs your potential customers to where you want them to head. Digital marketing professionals need to engage in a strategic, all inclusive process to create a successful SMO foundation which will improve SEO as well as drive more customers to the business.

Content writing – Now that we are in 2018, the one thing that is becoming increasingly clear is that the digital marketing horizon is anything but straight. There are a lot of new and emerging trends to manage, what with voice activation, AI automation, Chatbots and more it is important to keep your content marketing strategy at pace with the innovation and on track with the competition. As you plan your content creation, remember that you do need to reflect on certain essentials as a part of your content writing game plan.

  • First and foremost, why are you creating this content or the goals and purpose that you expect it to provide and serve.
  • Secondly who is you target audience or the category of consumers that you intend you content to benefit the most and what is in it for them.
  • Thirdly, what is the brand you are representing or your brand story. The very core or unique idea that will influence the content that you will build.
  • Next, is how well will you define the process and structure as well as manage operations along with enabling, activating and applying specific content tactics in pursuit of your goals.
  • Finally, you will need to assess or measure the content’s performance, gauge its business impact, recognize opportunities, work towards improvements.

Digital marketing professionals will need to successful build on these skills and techniques. More importantly never stop emphasising or repeating on what you are doing. Technology and marketing will continue to grow and change and with that, customer needs and expectations. Being perceptive and delivering what it is they need before even they realize what their needs are is the key here and with the right data inputs and astute marketing skills you can achieve this. you can visit.






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