Reposition Your Online Branding With These Latest Facebook Updates

Reposition Your Online Branding With These Latest Facebook Updates

It is an exciting time for business people and entrepreneurs. Having transitioned to the digital age, the traditional means of marketing have been replaced by internet marketing. There are a number of social media marketing platforms available which can be leveraged for a successful marketing campaign. The social media marketing scene is completely dominated by Facebook today.

Facebook continues to be biggest social media network among marketers and according to reports, 62% of digital marketers trust Facebook as the most preferred vehicle for internet marketing followed by other social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter etc.

One of the key reasons why people use Facebook is to connect with friends and simultaneously catch the latest buzz and trends with the world in general and their social network in particular. With that in mind, Facebook has improvised and made changes to prioritize posts from friends and other important news sources. Here are some of the latest changes that will help improve your social media marketing strategy.

Improving Page Insights

As businesses, it is important that you draw the full potential of this powerful social media platform. Facebook is one such platform that is incomplete comprehension of what it means for you as a business to plan your online branding strategy. As with any marketing campaign, businesses rely a lot on data that can provide them a clear understanding of the result. With this in mind, Facebook is continuing its trend to invest in creating the best experiences for businesses as well as improving on marketing solutions. Therefore, Facebook is improving Page Insights with specific updates. Page Insights serve two important functions

  • Understanding goals – As part of your social marketing strategy identify what are your key goals for the Page. These include crafting your brand, driving traffic to your website, promoting events and increasing engagement with your audience. Once you identify your goals, ensure that you are analyzing the specific insights to help your strategy getting more successful.
  • Knowing your audience – As you improve the insights on your audience you will have a stronger handle on how to deliver meaningful messages to them. The People tab will help you learn about the people that like your page and see and engage with your posts.

Combining Ads Manager and Power Editor

Among other major updates, Facebook has finally merged Ads Manager and Power Editor, two powerful and management tools. While Ads Managers allows advertisers to keep a track of your campaigns and implement changes from anywhere, and Power Editor assists in bulk ads creation and a management tool which can benefit advertising and marketing professionals with its advanced features. This merger has vastly benefitted digital marketing professionals in two significant ways:

  • Increased choices for ad creation workflows– Digital marketers and advertisers have to option to use the updated workflows from Power Editor that lets them draft campaigns and move around to different and sets to work without following a specific order. And for those marketers who still prefer the pre-updated version of a guided step by step process the older workflow is also available.
  • Reviewing drafts before publishing – This feature was originally a part of Power Editor, which has been updated with the merger. Ad managers still need to navigate using caution, ensuring not to hit ‘Publish’, unless absolutely sure, but with this feature any changes that are implemented outside the side panel such as importing ads, duplicating ads or deleting ads can be reviewed in draft mode, then press the ‘confirm changes’ tab and then finally ‘Publish’.

These changes and updates allow digital marketers a better control of their social media marketing, such as specifically targeting ads only at certain times of a day when your audience is live, this improves the ad performance and helps your audience connect better with you.

As we have entered 2018, Facebook has gone forward with some significant updates that will have a considerable impact on your internet marketing campaign. Take a stock of all the new ad features and improvements that will enable you to advertise more effectively for a successful online branding strategy.

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