Let Your Internet Memes Interact!

Let Your Internet Memes Interact!

When you are into Digital Marketing, it is very important to keep yourself updated with the latest trends of marketing on the web. With this, you also get a boost as well as appreciation from your clientele for novelty. Lately, an innovative idea of marketing that has been doing the rounds on the internet is – internet memes. Well, what is a meme? A meme is an image, video or text that is being floated on the internet and it is usually humorous in nature. The images that are used are copied from the internet, but the text is modified. So, you want to use memes for your marketing tactics then read on.

Choosing Images:

First and foremost, step is to choose images that suit your marketing strategy. You can choose images that you have clicked personally or can use images that you have designed in the past. Remember one thing, images should be such that depict your emotions. Emotions can be humorous or even sad, but they should convey a message. Several people also make use of snapshots from various films and you can also undertake on similar grounds.

Watermarking Your Image:

If you are using images that belong to you then be sure to watermark them properly. As the images intend to go viral, there will be abundant people who will share your image and claim to be theirs. To avoid copyright issues, better to watermark them properly. By watermarking, you can grab audience too, as your logo will be displayed as a watermark. If at all you are using other images than yours like downloading from the internet, then make sure that you don’t get into copyright hassle. Try and buy the images to avoid unnecessary botheration.


Content is the hero of memes. Coming up with humorous and quirky content is the essence of memes. While creating memes, you can follow a format that whether you want to make them serious or humorous. You can also make use of famous dialogue lines from famous movies. Also, try and be more creative and keep the content grammatically correct and free from any typo errors. Sometimes, some misspellings can be catchy but be conscious where you are using them. Pick fonts and colours that match the mood and keep your audience hooked up.

Posting On Social Media:

This is the most important aspect because this is how you are going to spread the word. Post your meme on all social media platforms right from Facebook to Instagram. However, some marketers feel that targeting one medium at a time is much more effective than marketing on all. However, this thinking differs from marketer to marketer. However, before posting any images do a thorough research that which medium is the best.

Sometimes, memes can have a limited target group like youngsters alone thus losing on audience.  But make sure whatever memes you create they should be catchy and you should emote properly thus to attract people. Not only this, but choose your images wisely too. Sometimes, your humour might not suit your product so design memes that will gel with the product thus building trust amongst the masses!

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