How To Do Digital Marketing in 2018?

How To Do Digital Marketing in 2018?

Marketing has always been constantly evolving. Right from the days of the telephone and wireless communication, billboard commercials, internet, email messaging systems, social media platforms to IoT and so much more, brands and businesses are constantly outstripping each other to stay ahead of the curve.

Business owners today are aware that online consumers and businesses today form a major chunk of their business. Effectually this means that a large part of your marketing has to be digital, that is if you are seriously considering making a mark. The reach of digital marketing is huge, and it is not just social media marketing. Digital strategists and masterminds are in conjunction that ‘social media marketing is just one type of marketing’. All eCommerce businesses need to diversify their digital marketing strategy. Pay per click advertising, native ads, email marketing, SEO etc are various ways in which businesses can seize plenty of opportunities in this ever-expanding world.

Here is looking at digital marketing trends that ruled in 2017 and continue to grow in 2018.

Mobile applications to rule the roost – Mobile devices have completed dominated the market share, especially in advertising, customer engagement and conversion rates. Research has indicated that mobile phones own almost 51percent of the market share. Clearly, mobile phones should be the top choice of every marketer, irrespective of the industry, business size or offering. What with consumer viewership for videos, search or displays charting more on smartphones and tablets, global media advertising has witnessed a staggering growth of $27billion in 2017. And now with Google’s shift to a mobile-first algorithm, mobile content advertising and ranking are sure to tip the scales of marketing in favor of mobile applications.

The emergence of video among other media – If pictures have the power of a thousand words, then videos can capture the imagination with a million. Simply stated, video marketing is the flavor of the day. Video content continues to be most sought-after media for pulling traffic and engagement, lead generation and boosting conversions. Videos are gaining traction over all other media strategies because they not only provide content for websites but also engage users effectively. In The year 2018, businesses should focus on creating memorable video content that resonates with your brand strategy. Your SEO methodology should effectively engage in adding true to form video content to websites, landing pages, content offers, and ads.

Chatbots trending – People are totally enamored by virtual reality, and the growing popularity of chatbots is a validation of the same. It is perhaps the comfort of chatting online on an instant messaging service which gets them quick answers instead of calling up support or helpline services, not sure if your queries will get resolved, which makes chatbots so popular. All around the globe consumers are used to instant gratification and access, which chatbot promise with their immediate responses. Companies need to integrate a chatbot in their websites to effectively communicate with their larger customer base.

Content marketing to adapt – Businesses need to develop not just fresh content but also keep in mind the diverse backgrounds and geographic locations of their customers. Content needs to be created keeping in mind individual needs and requirements. It is a known strategy that customers will trust your brand better if the content is more personalized. A large chunk of consumers, base their purchasing decisions influenced by the content targeted. Businesses should focus on developing customer- relevant content, such an approach is sure to be a success for leads, sales and lot more in the year 2018.

Up the ante with SEO strategies – With new businesses and products getting launched every single day, and Google making alterations to its ranking algorithms, SEO will be getting tougher. This makes it necessary that businesses should revamp their SEO strategies to succeed in their business. SEO relies heavily on an in-depth understanding of diverse algorithms and best practices to maximize benefits. Wrong SEO practices often lead to penalties. Business owners should partner with established digital marketing agencies who have all the necessary expertise in multiple online marketing channels such as SEO, Pay Per Click, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing etc. With a dedicated team of experts in each field, the chances of improving success for your company get higher.

Blogging to help increase leads – The power of relevant and valuable content is amazing. Not only does this drive traffic to your website and social media pages, but also increases your search engine rankings. Digital marketers who are in the habit of blogging are thrice as more likely to experience better returns on investment and companies who regularly blog generate 65 percent leads than those who don’t. Blogging gives your company, the much-needed brand value, every blog post acts as an index for your website, helping you get traction with online searchers. It is also an indication for search engines to realize that your website is active. Blog posts often act as an authentication for your brand and you will find allegiance for a lot of consumers who say that they prefer a brand that is more authentic than generic.

Augment your email marketing skills – Most modern businesses make the mistake of disregarding the influence of email marketing. Considered as one of the best ways to reach your audience, email marketing costs almost nothing to operate on and is definitely a must-have skill in your digital marketing toolkit. What’s more emailing is better than any other forms of notifications such as text messages and the consumer doesn’t spend a single dime to access it and can be accessed from any device other than phones with more space. Emails also have the ability to keep your audience engaged across the platform and this helps with better retention of your brand.

Create more audience engagement with webinars and live events – One of the things that should be on the digital marketing must-dos of every business is to host superior quality webinars, live events, podcasts and online promotion of events. These are some of the best ways to keep your audiences engaged. For a better assimilation of the process, you could try using a technology platform to help you with streamlining the process. Software companies help not just with creating but also marketing an event, promotions and overall management.

Keep your social media trim and tight – Social media continues to reign supreme as one of the biggest tools in for any digital marketing. Make sure that you prepare and research well in what platforms your consumers prefer, and then target your posts accordingly. Ensure that you keep your audiences well engaged on social media with conversations as well as reacting to both positives or negatives. Many your consumer base prefer social media for customer related inquiries, so it would be a great idea that you engage in it completely for a more successful outcome.

The customer is still the king – As far as business plans and strategies go, marketing teams are often obsessed with building a web presence and developing the product or service, that customer needs and requirements are often lost. Tony Delmaercado of co-founder and COO of Hawke Media expresses that when building a brand online, a lot of people rush to buy ads and acquire traffic to drive revenues by brute force, instead he suggests that small efficiency improvements in conversion rates, email capture and retargeting can pay huge dividends. He also states that “It is always a good idea to tighten the mouse trap first, and then buy eyeballs. This way you will acquire and retain customers more cost – efficiently and keep money in your coffers for higher -risk marketing strategies”. In short, prioritize over customer needs rather than going after value-added features.

With traditional online advertising getting outdated, it is indeed crucial that your business success depends on the right type of strategy, which in turn can help generate higher sales, more customers, and long-term growth. These above-mentioned tips and strategies will help you stay ahead in your digital marketing game.


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