Handling Social Media Trolls Can Be Easy!

Handling Social Media Trolls Can Be Easy!

Social media is an addiction. People spend hours together, tweeting or sharing statuses. Now-a-days, trolling has become a new-found love of internet users. Well, what is trolling? Trolling is a way of posting conflicting, derogatory messages against a person or an institution. Usually, celebrities are a target of this trolling business, but they have digital marketing team who handles the situation well. Whenever, you come across foul language, remember that you are being trolled. But there are ways, wherein you can stay out of this mess. Read on, how!


This is a mantra that you should follow in every walk of life. Now-a-days, social media has become a pool of opportunities. Thus, people want a chance to attract audiences and with trolling, they get an audience. Once you start entertaining them, they will try and bombard you to the core thus maligning your image. So, instead of trying to explain just cut their roots – by not responding. Once you stop responding, they will change their focus to something else.

Social Media Team:

Hiring a team is always a boon because they have been working in this industry. During their reign, they must have come across an array of incidents like these and thus they handle it with finesse. Most importantly, social media team is available all the time, thus they keep a close-eye on the troll time-to-time. They know it very well, how to deviate the troll thus handling the entire issue efficiently.

Don’t Explain:

People who start trolling are in no mood to understand your side of the story and thus there is no need for an explanation. Most importantly, if the trolling has been started unnecessarily then you don’t owe an explanation to anyone. You try and implement logic in them and they will repel, thus making lose your energy and time. So, don’t lose your time in mending unnecessary chaos as there are better things to do.

No Fight:

Just like an explanation, don’t fight with them. As mentioned above, they are only present to create chaos and nothing else. And for that they will make sure to target you from all angles. If you fight back or speak in their language, then you will lose your respect. This small step can malign your reputation too. In fact, the more you interact, the more they will stretch the topic. So, start ignoring and start thinking sensitively.

Be Kind:

Above all this, if you still lose patience and want to give them a straight answer then make sure to nail it – with kindness. Respond with sheer grace that the participants who started the troll will feel ashamed of! In fact, don’t forget to thank them, because this might enlighten them about their mistake.

It’s extremely sad that such people still exist in our progressive world. Sometimes, online trolling is better than offline. In offline, you can see and meet people, but in online, you don’t have to! Also, you can easily throw this person from your circle by blocking it! You can also report a complaint online! So, relax back and enjoy the power of the internet for good!

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