Why to have Search Engine Optimization?

Why to have Search Engine Optimization?


Search Engine Optimization Strategy is for the proper positioning of your brand. In today’s competitive digital age, it is important have a Search Engine Optimization Strategy to stay ahead.


What is Search Engine Optimization?

It means, whenever a user enters the search on search engine, a website related to the search, appears first and fast. This is possible only by (SEO) Search Engine optimization. SEO includes two aspects, one is search engine technology and other is SEO techniques used by website owners.

Why to have SEO?


Search Engine Optimzation

Search Engine Optimzation

SEO is an investment with high returns

Generally people clicks on the first five links on the search engine result page.  To be in the first five and get the users’ click can fetch impressive results on modest investment on SEO. Thus it is a cost but an investment for your brand/products/services.

SEO Influences Search to Buy Cycle

Nowadays, world is full of smart buyers. With the increasing technologies, buyers are exposed to good amount of information. So it is obvious that they are going to compare your product with other similar product even though yours is the best one in market. They do thorough analysis and then take the decision to buy. So as to sustain the comparative analysis, you have to have SEO optimized website which is capable to attract, engage and convince the buyer.

SEO controls Social Presence

In digital age, it is inevitable to have your business presence on Social sites like Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter etc. As that is where the prospective buyers are! It is no secret that whatever content is shared on the social sites are under the SEO scanner. An SEO strategist can help how you can take the advantage of user’s likes, interests, trends and perceptions through their posts.

SEO helps start-ups in long run

With established brands/products in the market, to sustain your line of business, SEO inclusion in your marketing strategy is very crucial. In the long run, your presence on the Search Engine Result Page (SERP), give high ROI. User will see your consistent presence, go to your site, read your content and gain information about your products. Over a period of time, with comparative analysis, if your content is optimized, it will convince the buyers about your product.

Hence SEO helps in Building Brand as well increase Credibility.

SEO is not only for tech-savvy

You are a business owner, for you it is of utmost importance to get high ROI and increased sales. For search engine optimization, it is not necessary to have technological know-how. You can leave that to your digital marketing specialists and just enjoy the sales and returns on your investments.

SEO is a continuous process

Search Engine optimization is not one time. Keeping in consideration the competition and how your competitors are positioning them, you have to constantly work on SEO and related content. To stay ahead one even has to work extra on SEO with proper strategies which are relevant to changing time, technology and market.

SEO helps Offline Business

SEO is not just for the online commerce or online sales. Nowadays, the buying process starts with the research on the internet. So your presence online bring high returns with SEO content. Relevant information about your product range, store ad location using appropriate keywords can put you ahead in SERP listing. This way it helps in boosting your offline sales.

Include SEO in your Marketing bucket

SEO along with other marketing methods will leverage investment on marketing in an unbelievable result. Along with social media presence, brand positioning and other traditional as well as digital marketing strategies, SEO works wonders!

Take help of digital marketing specialist like Yodigi, which will help you steer your business with right strategies for your business. It is high time to evolve with marketing strategies with new technologies which can bring outstanding rate of returns.

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